Format: Cassette/Digital
Catalog Number: SP-77



Active since 2016, Cemetery is a Japanese musician, producer, and composer based in Tokyo. Cemetery has quickly carved out his own sonic niche, marked by his debut EP Denial, released June 2016 on CONDOMINIMUM, a Japanese imprint and self-defined “collective for all the brash boys and girls.” Now, we welcome Cemetery to the Sacred Phrases family with Vessels, a six-song suite of lo-fi ambient electronica.

Opener “Turdus Philomelos” feels like a calm confusion of waking up in the pre-dawn hours of an urban park. Neon textures and distant bustling slowly take shape while birds and other metropolitan wildlife begin their calls. The narrative bleeds over into “Tillmans,” an airy meander down city streets and slowly stirring scenes. Shuffling rhythms and a pleasant drum loop juggle the fervently optimistic melody down the road. “House Of Angels Healing Their Wounds” is a modest but powerful electro-pop opus that closes out the A-side in resolved space.

The B-side carries a more nocturnal aura, with “ICY Palace” laying a sublime blanket of pulsing, lullabye-like tones and effervescent noise. “Riffs” is welcome segue to witching hour dance music, nodding toward Pan American or White Visitation but with a much more personal, hand-made feel. “2017” closes things out in an uplifting reverie, pitting sardonic cold wave with emotionally empowered synths.

In the end, Vessels‘ prime virtue is that of haphazard cohesion, wherein each track lends a unique facet to the bigger picture. All you can do is wander in and get lost.