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This Will Heal Us

Confused Kundalini

Format: Cassette/Digital
Catalog Number: SP-34


Out of stock

Having spent a few years lost in an unreleased state, Confused Kundalini’s ‘This Will Heal Us’ now thankfully sees the light of day. Originally intended to release in 2012 and fill catalog entry SP34, the cassette finds the mysterious project retreating into the deepest depths of distant, static drone music, best heard previously on a 2011 split with Dozens on Tranquility Tapes. This time around, the project revels in a frayed and dimly sparkling wash of industrial hums, echoed static, and tectonic harmony. Matching the emotional disorientation and ultimately optimistic themes of Tarkovsky, especially ‘Solaris,’ ‘This Will Heal Us’ plays like a forlorn lovers anthem, translated across space and distorted almost beyond recognition. The hopeful spirit and inspired connection remain amidst an unknowable amount of distance. Confused Kundalini doesn’t ignore the darker ends of the spectrum, contrasting those vaguely uplifting motifs with slowed runs of Lynchian tones and oddly-angled sound. 

It’s a confounding experience that highlight the more alien auras of terrestrial drone music.

Home-dubbed (2012), limited edition of 20.