Zona Urbana

Justin Clifford Rhody

Format: Soft cover book
Catalog Number: Edition 1

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Publisher: Mirro Editions
ISBN 978-0-9962005-0-9
112 page full color monograph
Soft cover, glossy laminate
8.5″ x 10″
Edition of 300

Justin Clifford Rhody is a photographer based in Oakland, California. His work has been exhibited extensively through gallery exhibits, traveling slideshows, photo blogs, and a self-published zine titled Slo-Mo. Rhody is the curator and host of Vernacular Visions, a public slideshow series of found 35mm photo slides accompanied by a unique audio mix. The VV series began in Oakland in 2013 and will be touring throughout the country this summer.

Zona Urbana is the first publication of Rhody’s work that is specific to his annual travels to Central America between 2009 and 2012. After years of scanning and editing his vast collection of negatives from this period, Rhody has selected 45 images and a non-linear narrative sequence for this color printed monograph.